Friday, May 8, 2009

300 posts ago

Today I learned I've hit 300 posts on this blog. It's either a great milestone or simply a reminder I talk too much!

I started this blog last spring because I couldn't find a place that had the little tips and tricks to make lives greener. I wasn't financially in the place for big-ticket items like hybrid cars or solar panels, and I wanted to do something. I figured others did too.

So I started writing. Apparently a lot. And certainly, times have changes.

300 posts ago, "green bloggers" were happily challenging each other to make green changes, almost out of sport. We didn't know about $4 gas, swine flu or what it was like to have one out of 10 neighbors out of work.

300 posts ago, I was coping with the colic that wouldn't quit, the prospect of going back to work and wondering how I was going to chase after a 2 year old and pump for the baby who wouldn't nurse at the same time. Formula was never looking better, and I was seriously doing the math.

300 posts ago, I wouldn't have in a million years paid for a shopping bag, particularly one with a store's branding on it.

I wouldn't have cared what container things came in at the store, though I avoided those single-serving packs like the plague.

I would have laughed hysterically at the idea of cutting back on Diet Coke, building a garden in a day from scratch (particularly with two little helpers and a husband who tries), or dealing with cloth diapers at all.

Nor would I have thought that our household income would be cut in half, my agnostic husband would join or church or one of us would return to school for a vastly different career path.

But here we are, 300 posts later. I've learned a lot about how we can better care for the gifts of this world, and a little bit more about myself. Thanks for joining me along the way!


jm said...

Congratulations! That's a lot of writing done well. I really enjoy the gardening tips. And you've often suggested a "green" idea that I hadn't thought of -- I think this new army of bloggers will change the world and I'm really enjoying this medium. (And, of course, I get a peek at the life of some of my favorite peeps at the same time!). Great job -- here's to the next 300!!!

Carol Michel said...

Congrats on 300 posts! Yes, a lot can and does change in a year. Keep your head up, and keep writing!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens