Monday, February 9, 2009

One month down...

It's hard to believe we're already a week into February. Time flies when you're sleep-deprived!

So how am I doing on my resolutions for 2009? Here's my confessional:

Curb my passion for paper: D. Um, well, to be honest, a 38-or so page site map project at work, and all of its requisite revisions and approvals, isn't helping my problem. (Unfortunately my office hasn't caught on to the fact you can set PDFs for comments.) To tell the truth, I spent two hours on a Saturday sorting and recycling and filing in my office to no avail. But you now have a less trecherous path to my dusty Mac, if needed.

Grow a little more: A. We're working on plans for this year's garden, and my lovely husband is already trying to figure out where to put in raised beds. (We're not allowed to have just a garden plot in our subdivision!) We've got the order ready to place as soon as the details are worked out, and I'm trying to figure out how to fix my pH in my yard so I can grow blueberries for my other two required bushes. (Hint: Contact your extension office if you're stumped about growing, too!)

Give greener: B. My one gift-giving occasion involved maybe not the greenest gift, but I get points for a second life for gift wrap and a homemade card.

Plan my menus: C. I've tried, we just hadn't stuck to it the last two weeks due to other distractions in life.

Spend wiser: B. I've had a few oops'es, including a sanity lunch that I probably shouldn't have splurged on but did. And the Diet Coke thing isn't budging yet. But overall, I'm buying fewer things that we don't need in the pantry.

How are you doing on your resolutions?


loretta said...

Hello GGM - great blog, thanks for all the info. Do you know of any community gardens in the Carmel area? Plots that you can rent, etc? I'm not sure what they're called. I've used the Eagle Creek Park plots and those at the Unitarian Church by Butler when I lived in Indy, but since moving to Carmel I've not been able to find one. Any help would be appreciated!


Rjs said...

Hi Loretta,
I put an e-mail to the Carmel Clay Parks & Rec to check it out for you. They have a new site but I didn't immediately see information about it.

I did find a list of community gardens through the Purdue extension:

I'll keep my eye out for you!

loretta said...

how sweet! thank you sooooo much. i had to get by last year with a miniscule container garden and a half day's sun. needless to say, i didn't really grow much. :) thank you again for your help!