Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday evening morale boost

Right now, I'm realizing that my beloved Jayhawks aren't looking so hot on ESPN. And I'm expecting yet another hectic week in the office. So instead of inflicting more torture on myself by watching this game, I'm hanging out at the computer this evening.

I can tell you one thing: I'm not checking out the news. Too often, it reaks of negativity. The economy. The environment. And it's too easy to get pulled down.

So for a little Monday evening morale boost, here are five posts, in no particular order, to remind you that not everything is down in this world:

Have a terrific week!


Anonymous said...

I hope you checked in at the end of the game -- rock chalk! I love your determination to promote positivism. Even in these crazy times we all have so many blessings -- it seems ungrateful to not focus on all the good things happening around us. Like those two little people at your house. --

Robbie said...

No, sadly, the stress in my house was a little too high - there's only so much yelling at the TV I can tolerate! (Plus I had a 7am meeting, Eastern time is so great this time of year!)