Sunday, May 18, 2008

A slow start to our season

A visit to the local farmer's market was our plan for this weekend. I'm never surprised by the slow start we have here in Indiana - you'll see tomato plants here until late June - but it seems as if this year is even more delayed than usual.

Several stands with tomato, pepper and a small variety of herbs were out. The basil was barely peeking out from the dirt. I saw two bunches of green onions and three packages of organic lettuce out - but that was the extent of actually edible produce.

There was a small table of baked goods, another of handmade soaps and one of Pampered Chef items. (Though that is by far not the wierdest fit I've ever seen. At another market in my old town, the chiropractor actually had a booth!)

It was a disappointing start, but we still came away with plants for our pots, which my toddler enthusiastically selected and helped me plant with her little pink shovel at home. Four tomato plants (including a white tomato, which I'd never seen before), two oregano and two hearty basil. Hopefully, the cool, wet start to the season helps establish these and we get something out of them this season.

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