Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Seed Cards - A Preschool-Friendly Project

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I wanted to do something fun for the grandmothers this year. Being hours away limits my options, however.

Remembering that last year, my daughter wanted to buy her grandmothers flowers, I stumbled on an easy solution that's simple to mail and easy to make: simple watering can seed cards. This 10-minute project was a great solution for my preschooler and kindergartener to help with, as well.

I found a watering can template at Family Fun magazine and printed on some cardstock, let the children color them and then cut out the cans and slots at the top and bottom of the can. There, I inserted a small package of flower bulbs that could be planted in our region through June.

Simple to make, easy to ship, and the grandmas get flowers after all!

We also did a variation of this for the teacher appreciation week next week, which my kindergartener insisted on signing herself.

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Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Love it! I think one of the older Girl Scout troops in my service unit gave seeds away from a project. This would be such a beautiful way to package them.

Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!

Clare said...

What a wonderful idea for a card - and then they can grow the flowers together.
I'm hosting a party and would love for you to come and link up -

kendell said...

I have search everywhere on the site that you listed as having the template but to no avail - it would appear that it is not available anymore.

Is it possible to to get the template from you