Friday, April 5, 2013

Want to Try Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been a great blessing for our family these past months. From fighting stress to sinus problems, I've been impressed with what a few drops these pure essential oils can do.

Even better, we've hardly touched over-the-counter medications in months, and we got through this winter with one doctor's visit and none of the nasty flu that was circulating our school.

If you're interested in trying essential oils for the first time, I'm giving away samples this weekend to the first 10 people who respond. Email me at with your contact information and any health concerns you may want to address. I'll research protocols and research studies for you and send some samples of certified therapeutic grade DoTerra essential oils your way!

I should note that statements are not made by the FDA and I only share research studies and publicly made protocols - I am not a doctor. 

My affiliate link for DoTerra helps support my family's education. Please check out my online store.

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