Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making a smarter smart phone choice

I''m breaking down and ditching my "dumb phone" after two years. As I search for a smart phone, I'm trying to find a solution with the best cost, functionality and use - not to mention, least risk from radiation. Check out what I learned today at the Green Phone Booth.

And if you're not hunting for a phone? The Environmental Working Group has some ideas on reducing your exposure:

  • Text instead of talk, as it emits less radiation (and data use).

  • Use headsets or speakers.

  • If you have fewer bars, limit your use, as it takes more radiation to make it to the tower!

  • Limit children's cell phone use - ideally to emergencies only. Is Angry Birds really worth it?

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Kenna Lee said...

Credo has some marginally more eco-friendly phones with recycled/recyclable components...