Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A week ago I was worried about how I would get rid of my produce. I was swimming in snow peas, buried in purple beans and desperate to find any possible way to whip up zucchini.

And then summer really hit.

I don't believe we've had rain since our storms that included a few rounds of hail a few weeks back. Coupled with the fact it's hotter than Hades, things are getting crispy.

My zucchini plants have yellowed and withered, despite my best attempts at watering. My pea plants, which I admit lasted longer than I'd ever thought, browned and gave up. My beans gave up literally two days' worth of beans, then seem to have quit. My radishes never seemed to have a chance.

Not that it's all bad. My garlic needed harvesting anyway. My bok choy long ago bolted, and I'm waiting for the seed pods to cure.

But in the meantime, the only thing seeming to grow much are the weeds. Despite my watering, my beds are cracking, my plants are wilting. And I'm just glad we don't have things worse.

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Willo said...

Do you freeze any of your peas? Peas are the one thing we are doing well this season and I am thinking about freezing some and letting some dry on the vine for seed saving. Sorry your season is done so quick. The weather has been crazy!